Community Support

The Yoruba Team is grateful for the many partners, funders and contributors who have aided in the development of this website.

Yoruba is a grassroots project, started in Asheville, NC. with the intention of encouraging community members to contribute by taking responsibility and action for the local communities of color. The website is offered as a resource to the community with support, advice and counsel from the many partners and volunteers who have given their time to make it all possible.

Special thanks to Bettie Council (Community Member),  Keynon Lake (My Daddy Taught Me That) and Dewayne Barton (Hood Huggers) for providing the primary sources for the first 200+ business added to this website that laid the foundation for this project.

We are indebted to the many grassroots racial justice organizations and content experts whose leadership and equity work grounds our perspective.



This page last updated 6/17/2020.